Camarillo, Calif. — West Palms Events is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Appel as the Director of Sponsorship.

Sarah brings her previous experience in horse show management, sponsorship relations and event production to the team. In addition to her experience in horse show event management, Appel is the founder and Editor in Chief of Horse & Style Magazine. 

“I am thrilled to be working with the team at West Palms,” she commented. “They already have an incredible staff that produces fantastic horse shows in both Northern and Southern California. Dale Harvey has always been a supportive horse show ally in the industry. I am looking forward to working with Dale, alongside his dynamic team”.

“As the Director of Sponsorship, my goal is to raise money to improve the facilities and enhance rider and exhibitor experience,” Sarah added. “I am also eager to continue to support great programs, like the Michael Nyuis Foundation and other affiliated non-profit organizations”.

West Palms concours in Appel’s excitement of the possibilities to continue to develop and create an exceptional horse show experience. “Sarah is a great addition to our team,” said West Palms CEO Dale Harvey. “She is enthusiastic and creative, two great qualities for making sure that our sponsors’ impact on our horse show is utilized to its full potential. Sarah has a lot of experience in all aspects of equestrian event production and we are really excited to have her join our team.”

Sarah will focus mainly on the Sacramento International CSI4* and the Woodside series.

For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to Sarah Appel directly: [email protected] or 415-359-5455