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Thank you to all of our valued sponsors.

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Becoming a Sponsor

All levels of sponsorship at West Palms provide individuals, as well as companies, with a unique opportunity to become a part of something so much bigger. Whether you are interested in becoming a Patron, Silver, or Gold sponsor, your support allows West Palms to grow, evolve, and most importantly, better meet the needs of our riders, horses, spectators, and you – our generous sponsors.


Why become a West Palms Sponsor?

  • You can gain exposure with and access to one of the most elite populations in the world

  • Advertising to a niche and captive audience

  • Utilize the events for client and corporate entertainment opportunities

  • There are many philanthropic opportunities available to give back to the community

  • Have the opportunity to be involved with a growing international sport that’s on its way to a platform shared with the likes of tennis, golf, and Formula 1

  • Endless networking possibilities at the events with competitors, owners, sponsors and exhibitors from around the world

  • Opportunities to directly influence and personalize exhibitor and spectator experiences – if there’s something you want to see at our show, let’s make it happen together!

    • Host special events

    • Product showcase lounges

    • Title sponsor classes

    • Brand “swag” bags

Please email for further information: [email protected]

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