Jessica Springsteen Clinic

October 20th, 2021
Los Angeles, CA


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About The Jessica Springsteen Clinic

This special clinic is an opportunity for young riders to interact with Team USA Olympic Silver Medalist and Aachen Nations Cup winner Jessica Springsteen in a competition setting.

The riders and guests will get the chance to hear about Jessica’s Olympic experience and her overall equestrian journey to Olympic stardom.

Each Rider will have the opportunity to get some coaching and feedback from Jessica as they warm up and prepare to jump a competitive course at their respective levels. Each Rider will get to ask questions related to their riding and equestrian goals. The riders and guests will get to watch the replay of Jessica’s impressive rounds at the Tokyo Games while she shares her thoughts and experiences. 

The afternoon group will be a more traditional lesson with several of the Compton Junior Equestrians and Michael Nyuis Grant riders. Jessica will work with these young riders on the flat as well as provide some coaching over jumps.


480 Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506

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