As we have been reporting, there have been cases of horses testing positive for EHV-4 and EHV-1 in Northern California. We remind you of the importance of following the recommended biosecurity protocols and remaining vigilant in reporting any abnormalities in your horse’s health.

As you depart the shows this weekend, please remember the importance of self-isolating for (14) days when returning to your home barns. West Palms Events is monitoring the situation closely, in consultation with Dr. Emily Nietrzeba DVM, MPH at CDFA, and Dr. Stephen Schumacher Chief Veterinarian, USEF.

When you return to your home stables please take all precautions to isolate from horses not in your group and that did not travel with you. Please review the protocols below and feel free to contact us with any questions but above all stay in touch with your veterinarian.

  • Limit horse-to-horse contact
  • Limit horse-to-human-to-horse contact
  • Avoid the use of communal water sources
  • Avoid sharing of equipment unless thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses
  • Monitor your horse for clinical signs of disease and report any temperature over 101.5°F to a veterinarian
  • Upon returning from the show isolate from all other horses for 14 days

We want to take this opportunity to thank the riders, trainers, grooms, and owners for taking our show protocols seriously and following the temperature monitoring so diligently. We really appreciate it and know that it is a team effort in keeping our horses safe.


Dale Harvey
CEO West Palms Events
[email protected]