Unfortunately, we are sad to report that the second horse from yesterday has been put down. We are sending our condolences to the owners and trainer of this horse. 
This horse exhibited no symptoms until late yesterday afternoon when it became neurological, and experienced such severe symptoms that it was euthanized. Lab results will take a couple days for conclusive answers on what happened. 
Overnight, we were also made aware of a fourth horse that attended the show that had been at Desert International Horse Park inside the 7-day minimum. 
All of this information has been shared with the CDFA and the USEF. 
The first horse (elevated temperature) that tested negative for EHV seems to be doing well, and we are awaiting an update.
We will continue to share ALL information as it becomes available. 
We are heartbroken with this latest development and implore you to please follow the CDFA best practices through the link here
We are here to answer any further questions, and if you attended the LA February show, we ask you to keep us informed of any abnormalities potentially related to EHV.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Adrienne at [email protected], or Dale at 714-785-9467.